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Automatic Voltage Stablizer

Servo Sine Solutions Voltage Hi-efficiency Wall Mounting Stabilizer and Power Controllers are built with the latest technology to give you peace of mind with uncompromised protection for your Air Conditioner. Our Voltage Power Controllers are elegantly designed and comes with high quality Toroidal Transformer (Copper Wound) which ensures less heating and enhanced life. Purevolt Automatic Voltage Stabilizer and power Regulators comes with a name to reckon with Quality & Reliability as they give unmatched performances. These models are specially designed for use with Air conditioners & come with Digital / Analog display meters to show output.

Salient Features:

  • Digital IC Controlled Circuit
  • Low Loss TOROIDAL Transformer with German Technology has reduce no –load losses to make it the most economical Stabiliser in it’s class.
  • Inter-Turn Insulation tested to withstand five times the normal voltage & frequency.
  • High & low voltage cut-off for compressor protection.
  • Easy to install, operate , maintain & service.
  • Safety to compressor through Intelligent Time Delay system between shutdown & restarts.
  • Elegant, Sleek, Attractive & Compact design with aesthetics to match any decor.
  • Tested to IS 8448: 1994